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If you enjoy reading and reviewing romance novels, then sign up for my ARC team to get my upcoming books for FREE.

What's in it for You?

1 FREE review copies of all my books before they are released to the general public.

2 You’re helping me with the creative process! How cool it that? I read and appreciate all comments. I even use many of them in my edits because your comments or suggestions may be something I didn’t even realize or think about. :)

What's in it for Me?

1 When my books go live on release day, there are reviews already up on Amazon and Goodreads.

2 This is HUGE for me (and any author) because it gets more eyes on my books and allows me to spread the word to more people.

What do I ask of You?

1 You will get a FREE digital copy of my newest release one - two weeks before it goes live on Amazon.

2 You will receive an e-mail when the book launches as a reminder. If you haven’t posted your review on release day, you will also receive a follow up e-mail. (Not nagging, I promise.)

3 You are required to post your honest review on Amazon. Reviews on Goodreads are not required but appreciated. Copy and pasting the same review is totally cool!

4 I’d truly appreciate if you inform me of typos, spelling mistakes, the odd missed word, etc. I have an extensive editing process with multiple sets of eyes on the book before it goes live, but we all know that no matter how often a book gets read, mistakes get through.

I’m so grateful for each and every one of you!