New Cover, Who Dis?

Here’s the scoop…

When I started the Material Gils series I didn’t know what kind of cover I wanted.

My hockey book covers have close-ups of men’s faces—(until that last one)—so I thought I should stick with that branding as I moved into a new series.

When I approved the original cover, I was happy with it—hell, I picked the dude—but there was something about his smirk that always struck me the wrong way. It didn’t reflect Austin…the hero of my book. And the model didn’t have any tattoos at all. Austin is covered! The one you see on the old cover is photoshopped on.

I didn’t make any changes because I was already behind on my schedule and I was happy enough.

Then came LIVE TO TELL and the image my cover designer and I chose was an amazing, gorgeous, model— but the dude was shirtless…and I LOVED IT!

Then came CRAZY FOR YOU…we found another gorgeous, perfect shirtless model…and I LOVED IT!

At this point, less than six months after OPEN YOUR HEART was released, I realized I wanted all the covers to be similar. They have the same font and style, of course, but that first model was not the right fit. He needed to be hot, tattooed, and shirtless.

A facelift, tummy tuck, and multiple hours (MONTHS) at the tattoo shop later (hahahaha)…I finally have the new cover for OPEN YOUR HEART.

I think it fits the series quite well and is a much better physical representation of Austin, the sexy, tatted-up musician hero with a heart of gold.

What do you think? Drop your comments below. :)

If you have the e-book on Kindle and you want the updated cover, you can update by going into your settings.

Hope you love the new cover as much as I do, but I hope you love the BOOK even better. :)

Huge thank you to:

Matt Geeling - Photographer

Shane Burnell - Model

Hell Yes Design - Cover Design