Giving Back

— Author Unknown


A note from Sophia:

At the beginning of my career, I vowed to give a portion of royalties from each of my books to charity. I choose charities that are close to my heart and that are involved in my books in some way. I created this page to give you more information on the organizations I've chosen.

~ A heartfelt Thank You to each one of you ~

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Karing for Kirsten

A Go Fund Me where the money goes directly to the family of a friend I met in college.

β€œIn August of 2017, our daughter discovered she had an aggressive form of Brain Cancer, specifically, a Germinoma. She underwent a craniotomy soon after. She spent 2 weeks in the ICU, and 3 weeks of inpatient rehab. As a result of the procedure, she lost the use of her pituitary and adrenal gland which caused Addison's disease to occur, as well as diabetes insipidus. She spent 6 months  working with occupational/ physical rehab therapists, and couldn't drive. 

Sadly, at her most recent MRI scan, it was discovered that her tumor had returned, and had doubled within the last 4 months. Following meeting with her team, Surgery is necessary, with another ICU stay, and extensive recovery at home, followed by 6.5 weeks of Chemo/Radiation to hopefully rid her body of this for good.
We are doing our best to be positive for Kirsten, Patrick and the children. We want to raise money for the family to assist in their daily lives. Since Kirsten cannot drive, (the tumor has affected her eyesight and there is risk of seizure) we want to be able to provide her the assistance to obtain transportation (especially to Therapy and Dr. appointments for approx. 6 months), obtain child care for Logan after school until dad gets home as Radiation can be very debilitating. We want to also assist in the mounting medical bills as catastrophic illness can bankrupt the best of families. The Walls have gone from a two person income to a one person as Kirsten was also forced to sell her successful business. It takes a village, and we want to help her, her husband, and Braden (14) and Logan (6) as we begin a new school year and a chance for a possible cure and successful recovery. Thank you, and please share with anyone you think may not see this and would want to help in some way.”